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chicago design museum

Whiskey Armoire is, as the name suggests, a wardrobe for the prized Speyside Whiskey.

It takes the traditional wooden box for a spin and creates a small piece of furniture, straight from a surrealist painting.

The craftsmanship and fashion style of the Windy City are celebrated in this design, from the furniture of one of Chicago’s most celebrated architects, Mies Van Der Rohe, to playing homage to Anish Kapoor’s Millennium Park. The quilted vegan leather cover is embossed with the iconic “Y” design originated from the Chicago River: Wolf Point, where the river’s three branches come together. 

The box uses thin unfinished wood as base material. A custom vegan leather covers all the outside surfaces, including the two front doors; the latter are lined and padded on the inside to provide further stability for the bottle.

/ Concept

/ Packaging Design

/ Competition Entry

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